Empowering People Living with Dementia

Our agency strives to help our community Live Well & Thrive. With our ongoing campaigns, we will be establishing our commitment to become ambassadors for families who have a loved one with a mental health condition. Our goal is to directly support the grassroots work being done by Dementia Alliance of North Carolina. For our inaugural campaign, we will be focusing on raising $500 to this cause. Did you know that in North Carolina alone, around 170,000 people are affected by dementia?… And these numbers are expected to rise about 40,000 by the year 2025!

The primary characteristic of Dementia patients is the loss of brain function and it directly affects their quality of life. Dementia leads to cognitive impairment, memory loss, loss of reasoning, language, behavior and even alters one’s personality. In most cases, it is recommended family members are encouraged to seek therapeutic help to deal with the struggles of the loved relative and Dementia Alliance of North Carolina offers great family support services that arm them with the necessary resources to live a more fulfilled life.

Our goal is to provide relief for those in our community who are suffering from dementia and are in need of support. 

To add to the overall efforts, Our agency offers to donate $10 on your behalf for every person you recommend to us for a FREE insurance quote.  It’s that easy!!! They just need to receive a quote – there is no obligation to purchase.