Boat Insurance

It may be tempting to ignore boat insurance if you feel you will not be spending a lot of time using your boat during the year. The problem is that you never know when an accident is going to take place, and it can leave you with a loss of your boat and the cost of any damages to property and people that happen in the course of events.

Boat insurance is a specific type of coverage that insures your designated boat and personal watercraft from damage in case of accidents, fire, theft and liability. Anyone that owns a boat or watercraft should get a quality insurance policy to guard against financial woes from unexpected damage and loss.

A standard liability insurance policy will keep you covered so that if you end up in an accident and damage another boat or property, the claim can be covered. You can also add coverage that will help pay for towing on the water in case of breakdowns and mechanical difficulties. The addition of personal effects coverage will cover things like fishing equipment, coolers and other items. Unattached equipment such as water ski or tubing devices, chairs and anchors can be covered as well. You can even get coverage for fuel spills. The cost of the policy will vary, dependent mostly on how much coverage you desire. Claims are usually initiated with a phone call.

Investing in a boat is never a decision that should be taken lightly, and you should definitely make sure it has the best protection available. Even if you are only using the boat half of the year, it is still subject to getting damaged from storms, fire or theft while on land. Having adequate insurance protection will help you rest easier. The minimal cost of annual comprehensive insurance protection is something every boat owner should explore.