Commercial Auto Insurance

Private automobile owners know vehicles need insurance coverage. Vehicles used for the purpose of business-related activities aside from driving to and from work, however, require additional coverage by a commercial auto insurance policy. Failure to carry the appropriate auto insurance in the respective vehicle can result in financial penalties or the suspension of a driver’s license, which may interfere with business operation.

Regular car insurance does not cover damages incurred while the vehicle is being used for conducting business. Likewise, commercial coverage will not likely pay on a claim regarding damages sustained while a business vehicle is being used for personal reasons. In the event of an accident, the insurance company will need to be contacted and an insurance adjuster sent out to assess damages. Claims are then filed to seek compensation.

Types of Commercial Coverage

• Private and sporadic business use coverage: Protection for vehicles that do not have a primary role in business activity or income
• Private and business use coverage: Protection for both types of vehicle usage
• Commercial coverage: Protection for a private vehicle regularly used for business purposes

If an auto accident occurs while a vehicle is involved in business-related purposes, the risk of a regular car insurance provider refusing to pay a claim under such conditions can be avoided. Commercial auto insurance provides protection from the vehicle being cited as uninsured in these circumstances. Policies can also provide protection for not only the primary driver but also other employees that may be operating the business vehicle. Thus, providing appropriate commercial coverage for a business vehicle ensures that any damages incurred by an accident during business operation will be handled with minimal complications. Taking measures to properly insure a company vehicle frees up time for more important matters like running a business.