Earthquake Insurance

More than 22 states have experienced earthquakes in the United States with the west being much more prone to seismic activity. California, of course, receives the most publicity due to its frequency of earthquakes, but tremors have been felt as far east as Virginia.

Regular home insurance does not include earthquake coverage. Most buildings are not built durable or flexible enough to withstand earthquakes. The best building material is flexible and can move with the ground, like wood.

Any individual or business can purchase earthquake insurance as an endorsement, micro policy or additional policy. Earthquake insurance will cover the cost to replace your entire building; it may also include unattached structures, like a garage. This form of coverage will pay for making the land safe to rebuild, removal of debris and stabilization. In addition, it will also pay for your housing expenses while your home is being rebuilt.

The price for earthquake insurance will depend on where you live, the construction material of your home and the scientific probability that an earth quake will strike in the near future. Tis is something our advisors will be able to assist you with.

The primary benefit of earthquake insurance is peace of mind. When an earthquake strikes, there can be many challenges, costs and fears. After a natural disaster destroys your house, you will still have to pay back your mortgage. You might be left homeless unless you have earthquake insurance.

Knowing that you will be protected when a natural disaster strikes can provide you with significant peace of mind. A successful business would purchase this coverage as an element of risk management. Buyers can tailor the coverage to best fit their needs.