Recreational Vehicles Insurance

If you own a motor home or RV, a fifth wheel rig, boat, off-road vehicle or travel trailer, you must obtain recreational vehicles insurance to protect yourself financially in the event of an accident, theft or other situations that may inflict damage, personal injury or loss. This type of insurance is designed to cover various types of vehicles used for recreational purposes and offers the policyholder a variety of coverage options not covered by their traditional auto insurance policy.

Insurance designed to cover recreational vehicles is available for Type A motorhomes, Type B van campers, and Type C, or mini, motorhomes as well as SUVs or boats used for amusement.

A qualified insurance agent can help you customize an insurance policy with the type of coverage that will offer the most benefits. These policies include options such as Total Loss Replacement, which provides the policyholder with a comparably new recreational vehicle should their vehicle become totaled within four years of its model year, and can also provide a cash settlment for subsequent years determined by the vehicle’s age.

Recreational Vehicles Insurance can also be purchased to include replacement cost personal effects, which provides financial reimbursement for lost or damaged personal items contained in an RV and other recreational vehicles. Vacation liability is another option, covering any bodily injury or property damage that occurs when using a boat, travel trailer or off-road vehicle during a vacation. Emergency Expense Coverage covers unexpected hotel and transportation expenses, which also comes in handy.

Additional policies include Special Windshield Deductible, which covers repair or replacement of an RV windshield, and Recreational Vehicle Medical Payments Coverage covers the expenses associated with medical treatment for an RV-related accident injury, no matter who is determined to be at fault.

Smart recreational vehicle owners will also consider carrying Comprehensive and collision coverage on any type of recreational vehicle to protect themselves from having to carry the burden of financial liability should they be involved in an accident, have someone else or a foreign body hit their vehicle, or there when damage is caused by vandalism, theft or severe weather conditions.