Supplemental Insurance

You Can Benefit From Supplemental Insurance

When people have insurance, their policy may not cover all the expenses involved with receiving medical care. In order to have these expenses covered, it is common for people to purchase supplemental insurance (SI). This will pay many of the out-of-pocket medical expenses and more a person would otherwise have to pay on their own

What Is Supplemental Insurance?

This is an insurance policy an individual will have in addition to their regular insurance policy. It could cover such expenses as coinsurance, deductibles, copayments and more. There are some types of these insurance policies that provide their customers with a cash benefit. It could be paid in a lump sum or over a specific period of time.

Who Needs This Type Of Insurance?

It is designed to help individuals who have serious gaps in their health insurance coverage leaving them with a significant financial burden. This can help people who have an insurance deductible greater than their savings account. Some have a deductible that is over $2,000.

How Does This Health Insurance Work?

It is designed to pay benefits to the insured. How the benefits are paid and the amount of payment is determined by the type of plan. Some of these insurance policies are made to specifically cover certain types of disease. This includes cancer, accidental death, heart disease and more.

Types Of Coverage

Private insurance companies sell Medigap, which is Medicare SI policy. It is designed to help people enrolled in Original Medicare. It is not able to be used with Medicare Advantage plans. SI coverage can be purchased for everything from dental insurance to vision insurance and more.


There are SI policies that will pay for things a person’s health insurance policy does not. This could include lost wages, specialized treatments and more. Many of the policies provide payment plans that best meet a policyholder’s needs.

Nobody wants to think about needing to use their insurance policy to its limit. It does happen. When it does, people with this type of insurance coverage are happy they have it. Saving money on deductibles and costs for services are just some of the things SI provides.